Hello and welcome to this blog

The banking industry is changing at an exponential rate! Some of these changes are good others are not, but in any case they constitute a challenge for the suppliers of banking services and their users.

BC&T or BankStrat consulting and training operates principally in Africa but also maintains activities in Europe and Asia. We believe that changes in the industry and access to affordable technology are a game changer for the small and mid-sized banks. We also believe that ideas and visions of possible solutions should be shared and enriched by communication. Consequently a blog seems like a must have for a firm like ours.

We will try to keep this blog as active as possible for a very small team, without promises of daily, weekly or even monthly updates. But we will do are best to present interesting ideas and solutions.

We will apply the idea put forward by Oscar Wilde:

 Just let the words fly from your lips and your pen”

But have adapted it a little:

“Let your mind direct your pen, not style or grammar”

As principal consultant I will try to keep you interested and connected. I hope we can build strong exchanges for the benefits of all.


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